30 January 2016


My sister talks in her sleep.

She has always been like this. Even when we were little, all through the night, she’d be jabbering away, crying, laughing and arguing – more than when she was awake, I would imagine.

O, if only you could hear her! My sister is quite the sleeptalker.

Probably you are thinking to yourself this should not affect me anymore. My sister and I are grown. Our days of sharing a bedroom are behind us.

Probably you are thinking that and if you are then you are wrong. It affects me even now because my sister is also a sleepwalker. Walls cannot hold her. She brings the party to me.

She finds me sometime in the night. She comes floating by, eyes empty in sleep. Singing. Drinking from a water bottle. Searching for her cell phone.

There is simply no escaping my sleeping sister.

It happened again this past week.

I’ll tell you about it next time, if you’d like…

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