04 January 2016

Four hundred rupees

from Journey to the End of Islam, by Michael Muhammad Knight:
“Fast food in Lahore caters to the upper class: a foot-long sandwich at Subway costs four hundred rupees, the daily wage for our driver and much more expensive than the superior Pakistani food you can get on the street.

“The billboards, movies, and music videos all speak to the fantasy life of the Westernized upper class, which seems embarrassed by the rest of Pakistan. Clothing stores at the Fortress mall sell fashions that no woman could wear in public, only rich girls behind closed doors when they dance to American music and do coke and hook up at secret mansion parties. ‘Radical Islam’ or ‘Islamism’ or the best one, ‘Islamofascism,’ almost appear logical as a knee-jerk reaction to all of this, and extreme patriotism has risen from the confusion of kids who buy up culture from a country that they assume will someday bomb them.” 

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