24 January 2016

All apologies

I gave away some clothes yesterday. There was nothing wrong with the clothes per se – they were excellent business clothes – but I was bored of them and on top of that, many of them were even blue, if you can believe it.

I pulled up to the building where I give clothes away and I knocked on a very tiny door, a door that appeared much too small to serve its intended purpose, really. I remembered it from the last time.

An enormous woman answered my knock at the tiny door. She stayed inside.

I waved the clothes (which were all on hangers) at her, showing her I intended to give them away. To her. She appeared less than appreciative. Instead, she squished her arms out of the tiny door and picked through the clothing tags.

“Humph,” she said, or I think that is what she said, at any rate. “Do you have anything in larger sizes? Our women are going on interviews and could really use these in larger sizes.”

I peered down at myself and then I looked at the clothes in my hand. Then I peered down at myself again, for I was trying to recall where this interaction had gone all wrong.

“No,” I said. “I’m sorry, but this is the only size that I come in!”

She took the clothes anyway. I did not warn her about the blue ones.

Back in the car, later on, I wondered why I had apologized for only being one size. 

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