11 January 2016


I hold no bias against different colors, but some different colors hold a bias against me.

I can prove this. I keep a notebook, you see. I have torn the cover off this notebook so that there is no question of a color bias – absolutely none!

Inside this notebook with no cover, every day I write two things.

The first thing is what color clothes I am wearing. Every day, I am very careful to pay attention to this and to remember to write it down in my notebook. The second thing is how good my day has been, on a scale from 1 to 10.

And after weeks and months and years of keeping track like this – every day, remembering! – I am able at last to find the average quality of my days according to color worn.

They are not the same. Days in orange are by far the best of my days. Orange days average 8.2.

Days in blue are the worst of my days. Blue days average 4.9.

I’m not sure how this happened. Perhaps I should go out and buy more orange clothes.

But I keep trying to give blue one last chance. 

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