23 December 2016

290,091,200,500,000,000 oscillations of the cesium atom

It’s all to come out as stories, then, is it? I would have expected pictures – selfies, perhaps, or bits from childhood – or else religion or politics or musics. It has been a year now, however, unless someone has gone and bungled my posting dates, and stories are all I see.

So stories it is.

I do have my favorites. I am neither neutral nor disinterested when it comes to my stories.

Below you will find my favorites from my first year of blogging. In case you missed them first go-around.

1.         The magic snake. 19 January 2016
 After posting this one, I started having readers.

2.         Sleeptalker / Vegetable man. 30 January 2016
 Living with my sister, in two parts. The story is in two parts, I mean to say. My sister remains in one.

3.         Pomegranates! 27 August 2016
 There are elephants here. And dancing slave girls. But never pomegranates.

4.         Swap. 24 July 2016
 A bit like the magic snake, only better.

5.         Open windows. 2 January 2016
            This is a happy little story. We all need more happy little stories.

That is all there is. Year 2 will be better. I promise.

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