19 March 2016


A storm is here. Outside, I mean, for my house keeps it out there, mostly. 

I admit the storm excites me.

I am not in favor of natural disasters. Not one bit. That is not something I will admit to. Natural disasters take lives and uproot other lives and I am not in favor of such things. I am against them. Banish such an awful notion about me from your mind!


When the rains come and the power goes out and the waters begin creeping up past the curb, up the sidewalk, towards my door? I find it exciting.

Now please let me explain, lest you see me as some sort of monster.

My days are filled to the brimming and strictly regimented. I have many things I must do – do for me or on behalf of another or merely because others insist that I do them. My time is like a sheet of graph paper with extremely specific details and events existing within the confines of each individual square.

This storm ruined my schedule. I did not want the storm to come. I had things to do. But the storm has come and now that it’s here there is nothing I can do about it but sit back and see how all of this plays out.

I cannot control the weather. Obviously I cannot. That should go without saying.

I can sit here in the dark with my visitors and listen. We can look out the windows and watch the waters rise. We can wonder how long this will go on.

Is it anarchy now?

I will almost be sad when it’s over. 

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