21 January 2017

I procrastinate

It is nearly three-thirty p.m., probably. Time for Asr Salat. Probably. And me, I am sitting in my rocking chair – this one which has become known far and wide as my Big Comfy Rocking Chair – and I am comfy.

Well, perhaps not known very far and wide, but this is a relatively large house.

I insist that the part concerning my being comfy is entirely accurate, at least, you understand.

Everything is in order. Across my lap is my favorite wooden food tray and upon my favorite wooden food tray sits the perfect steaming cup of tea which smells just like floating in the womb feels, I imagine.

Also, I am reading a short story by Henry Kuttner and it is good, but now is the time for Asr prayer, as I’ve told you already.

I have a theory that’s come to me – from where, I cannot say, for I never know where the theories come from – that if I do not look up at the clock to confirm the time, then no, I am not late. Not on purpose. I’m just lost in a good story and a perfect cup of tea.

The theory has a fault. I am not lost in a good story and a perfect cup of tea. Not anymore. I am not in pain. I am not busy. I am not even in need of food. I am sitting here, comfy and plotting and theorizing about how to be late for Asr Salat.

This theorizing and plotting is more effort than just getting up and doing it.

I’m a mess!

Procrastination will be the end of me, and my tea is cold, and I’m going to get up and do it as-









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