10 October 2016


Of my obsessions, what can be said? They flow through my life like water, filling every nook and cranny they can fill.

I can pick up something casually – something entirely new – say on a Thursday afternoon, just to see if it holds an interest. Then I look up at the clock and it is 4 a.m. and I have not eaten dinner, prayed, or gone to bed and I come home at lunch time to get in fifteen more minutes where I can.

My current obsession involves making chokers. It does not just involve making chokers, the obsession is the actual making of chokers, you see, but this in itself involves a ceaseless search for beads and threads and clasps and fabrics.

It’s a problem.

This very blog has suffered for this obsession.

Yet I’m heading in the general direction of getting good at them, I believe. 

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