26 December 2015

Three weeks in America

America is a big place with lots of people where nobody cares what anybody else believes.

In saying this, I do not mean to say that we celebrate or encourage diversity. I mean that we simply do not care.

In America, I can walk up to a stranger on the street and say to him, “I believe that when you die, you and your loved ones will transform into giant cockroaches who will chew each other’s heads off for all eternity, over and over again. I believe that this will happen to you because you failed to hop on one foot for seven hours a day during your lifetime.”

This person on the street will say to me, “Why are you telling me this? I don’t care!” Then he will probably go off to worship at a Satanic Temple or at that one church that says the Garden of Eden was in Missouri.  

Nobody will care and though that might sound bad, it is actually good. After the last three weeks in America, I wish we would all go back to not caring again.